Digital Signage: How and Where…

Sometimes we need a helping hand in the world of business, you are good at what you do, you’ve become an excellent provider of what you service, so why do you need a Digital Signage Solution in your business or office?

Simply put having a Digital Signage Solution gives you an extra edge over your competitors, it shows your customers whether they are Joe Public or Charlie Business, they are still important, without them your business simply wouldn’t exist.  We live in a different world to the one we started this business in and so we need to run our operations reflecting that.  Below are some examples of areas that an Acquire Digital Signage Solution has already been implemented and should hopefully give you some insight into how a similar application could benefit your business.

One thing we think of when we think Digital Signage is the humble Kiosk…

DS Kiosks

They can be used for a variety of functions, from automating repetitive tasks, such as reception appointment check-in or booking.  They can be used to enable visitors to see more information that is static or even updated through your website.  Browse online or PDF catalogues at the touch of a button, all live and updated either via your own website or from your internal database linked to your own servers.

Another common area is the Poster Board

DS Poster Board

These are typically large screen formats and will be placed in areas behind reception desk staff or front office meeting area.  These are best used to showcase your current promotions or to give visitors information about available appointments or when the next activity is and where to find out more information.  Even to simply entertain your visitors while they wait with some news or live TV feed.

A growing area we have seen is the large screen being used for Queue management and booking information.

DS Q Management

These would connect via the local LAN to the internal database servers updating real time information to the screens giving the customer live up to date information on waiting times or available times for booking activities.  You can often combine the Q management aspect with other advertising information or why not show some Live TV or the local News Feed, or even an appropriate quiz to keep customers entertained while they wait.

Another area we are becoming more familiar with is seeing dynamic content right in the shop window.

While we are becoming a 24 hour society we don’t all want our retail units or business premises open 24/7 but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your customers information while you are closed.

DS Window Retail

Placing your large screen format in either Landscape or Portrait will allow you to showcase your products, promotions or even just show off about what you are doing, entice the customer with some teaser information that will invite them to either visit your e-commerce site which is 24/7 or to come back and visit when you are open to discover more.  You can be ‘open’ 24/7 and not have to be present to give your customer a positive message to return and do business with you.

Why not turn the screen into a touch screen and allow the passer by the opportunity to buy right there and then in the window while they watch.  Technology has advanced so much the possibilities are becoming more plausible and affordable to have this as an option in your application.

As we build our super malls and our mega campuses or conglomerate multi building sites, we are often in need of a little helping hand to get around.

DS Wayfinder

Referred in the industry as Wayfinder solutions, we create a vitrual often interactive map that allows the customer, student or visitor to site navigate their way round.  We do this by placing again either a kiosk or in the larger venue a large screen format giving guidance as to where to go and be for their next appointment.

We can also utilise other technologies such as Bluetooth and QR scanning to have several units around the site that will pick up the presence of the user thus giving them as they pass each unit a fully automated ‘Sat Nav’ experience.


Whatever your situation and whatever your budget, large screen, small screen, Kiosk an Acquire Digital Signage Solution can be applied to your situation that will greatly enhance your customer and visitor experience and ultimately encourage them to spend more time with you and therefore increase revenue and satisfaction.

Get in touch to discuss a possible application that you can think of, give us 15 minutes of your time and we’ll be able to give you some possibilities of how we can apply our solutions to your business.

Creative solutions for your Digital world.