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We are an authorised value added reseller for the Acquire Range of Products, as such that means we offer the products not just for sale but with a full package of design, installation, training and as much as is required ongoing support.

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Acquire Digital produce some of the best Content Management software on the market today.  Developed over years of experience transforming the Digital Signage landscape both here in the UK and across Europe and America.

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You start of with a Base Package with 6+ apps included and add further App Packs to suit your projects and content you are working with intended for central single or networked on site use to create, edit, update and deploy content to the client network of Acquire Premier Players.


App Packs

There are a large number of apps designed to enhance your content and many are grouped in convenient and content specific bundles.  If you are managing a lot of advertising across a large network, or want to Q Manage or you are building a self service kiosk application there is an app pack to suit.

Acquire Player is so much more than just a video content playback unit, with the ability to synchronise, schedule playback, multi-monitor support, touch-screen support backed up by intelligent remote update services and security software as standard, it is the choice of many Digital Signage and Kiosk content producers.

Acquire Lite is the no fuss all in one Editor/Player solution, designed for the simple single installation, it provides browser based Template design, user restricted access to the editor and all from within your own secure network. This is a great way to get started with a Digital Signage solution and can be upgraded as your network grows to the Acquire Player solution.

Acquire 2 GoThe latest evolution of Digital Signage content management, everything in the cloud, access from anywhere to all your content, schedules, stats and reports.  Get access to update content, test, schedule and deploy all from any internet access point worldwide, truly mobile.Upgrade to a Hybrid version and benefit from all the Cloud based management along with the power of the Acquire Editor Suite of tools and apps.


Kiosk MonitorKiosk Monitor sometimes referred to as Site Manager is your support engineers dream, with access real-time to all the units on your network.  Ability access each and every machine connected on your network, read logs and data, upload and download files, send updates to the software, troubleshoot and resolve all from the comfort of their desk.

WayfinderWayfinder is a custom solution designed for the interactive Digital Signage application, creating accessible solutions for your customers to guide and navigate large shopping malls, hospitals or University Campuses through consumer driven touch screen hardware.


CyberBrowserCyberBrowser is specifically designed for interactive Kiosks giving a secure, fully skinned and manageable solution to allow your customers to browse securely, content within your intranet or exclusively accessible internet sites of your choosing.Solid security coupled with quick and easy update and manage features.

Plus-NetworkThe PLUS! Network is a vast managed network of Data servers which provide backup, content delivery, reporting and data management to the Acquire network.  Players connected to the PLUS! Network are accessible to the content designer for quick remote content deployment and also for the support engineer to gain real time access for troubleshoot and resolution management.

Creative solutions for your Digital world.