Online Security

In our increasingly more accessible digital world security is becoming more important, we need to take seriously the threat not only from hackers and the ever changing virus threat but also take where necessary a pro-active approach to monitoring users internet activity.

We at Kinnell Kreations take protection very seriously so we recommend AV Software from our Partner ESET a leading security solution provider for companies of all sizes, home users, and mobile devices.

We install by default an ESET package to all our Digital Signage installations whether they are connected to the internet or not.

We can work with you to install a tailored solution that works for you, whether that is just a simple Antivirus/Internet Security programme on an individual PC/MAC or a fully networked company wide internet security monitoring solution.

To discuss a solution tailored to your needs supplied only and/or installed, click on The “Schedule Me” button to the left or the Contact page to register interest and schedule a visit.


CE EyeFor the concerned home or small business user there is also the option to install ‘net nanny’ solutions to allow monitoring passive or active, options are available for allowing all content with reporting accountability only or a more pro-active more intuitive adaptable direct blocking of undesirable content.  We can also help with hardware Firewall solutions as well as some of the software versions on the market.

Please get in touch to discuss possible solutions for your particular situation.

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