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arms_reading_tabletNews and views, things of interest here, some from our interactions with all things Digital Signage, others from Support issues we have assisted with and others will be showcasing our installations and client installs, with their permission of course.

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  • Our online world has changed us… We have recently seen and read some articles about an exponentially increasing risk in our society that of inappropriate online activity and even in other media streams as well. This article in the Mail Online, ran with a headline… "Jamie is 13 and hasn't even kissed a girl. But he's now on the Sex Offender Register after ...
  • Installation is a hit. Kube Technology is a computer repair service retail unit in Bingham, Nottinghamshire.  We worked with the owner to design some content, showcase some of the services offered, all designed to bring some business into the shop allowing passing trade to see what the business offers in terms of services and importantly how much they charge, ...


  • J Gardiner

    A letter this time from one of our customers;

    Dear Steven

    I wanted to write and say thanks again for being there for me when I have felt so frustrated by my laptop and mobile phones. It has been such a relief knowing that when something stops working, you will always fix it.

    Thanks too for walking me through the abundance of software options. The laptop is now perfectly suited to my needs and not loaded with software that my son thinks are cool! The domain name you got for me is perfect and the phone and laptop are all synced. Life is a whole lot simpler.

    You were right by the way, the laptop runs much faster without hidden viruses!

    Thanks again, you really have no idea how much I appreciate someone being available when things are going wrong. It takes all the hassle and stress off me.

    Julie Gardiner

  • M Simpson

    Steven Abbott has assisted me with IT matters in various ways on many occasions.

    He always listens patiently to my problems and, always, finds a solution.

    He treats each request for help in a kind, professional manner. Nothing is too minor for him to deal with and nothing is too complicated for him to solve.

    He has dealt with incidents at close quarters or at a distance – if I am at the other end of the country. He talks me through what I need to do but if I am unable to do it he will access my laptop (with my agreement) and fix it.  He understands my lack of IT knowledge and patiently explains what I need to know.  My laptop has had extended life due to his ‘spring cleaning’ efforts.  Instead of being dead, slow, stop, it functions as it is supposed to.

    Recently I bought a new smartphone and tablet. Steven not only set them up and installed the apps I wanted he also made them ‘talk’ to each other so that I only have to input info in one of them and it is available in both.  I have unlimited access to the phone company by contract but prefer to call on Steven for help and he never lets me down.

    I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    M Simpson

  • B Bush

    I wish to recommend Mr. Steven Abbott for his expertise in IT work; he has built up my home Computer system of a full P.C., monitor, keyboard and mouse, with Printer and Scanner, spent several hours to get everything working perfectly to meet all my personal Computer needs.  Also whenever I have problems with my lack of ability he has been at the end of the telephone line or paid a visit to answer any of my queries.  Nothing has been too much trouble for him and I fully recommend his workmanship to anyone.

    B Bush

  • Intergas Services Ltd

    I as director of Intergas Services Limited employed Steven to perform works in the following areas; IT Infrastructure, Networking, Programming, Mobile Application development and staff training. Steven fulfilled these duties and tasks with the commitment, expertise, ingenuity and integrity that has surpassed any experience I have had in dealing directly with any other organisation or any associates.  Steven also performed and showed great aptitude in being able to have a wide scope of skills and variety in the fields that were requested and required of him and performed tasks with an intuitive eye for detail and a keenness.  As an individual Steven has been a good friend, confidant and one that I have put my trust in and who has helped me on many occasions, I believe he takes this through to his professional life as well. All in all Steven is a man of integrity who I value highly.

    Douglas Graham
    Intergas Services Ltd

  • LET-it

    Steven Abbott Worked with LET it as our “in house” I.T support person from September 2005 through to August 2008.  During that time Steven over-hauled our entire network, implementing a new Small business server and upgrading all of the P c’s. Steven was also assigned a number of projects which enabled the company to take our I.T and business process forward significantly. Above all Steven was honest, integrous and always keen to find solutions when problems arose. I cannot personally recommend Steven or his knowledge of Networking and I.T requirements for business expansion highly enough.

    Colin Roe
    Managing Director


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