M Simpson

Steven Abbott has assisted me with IT matters in various ways on many occasions.

He always listens patiently to my problems and, always, finds a solution.

He treats each request for help in a kind, professional manner. Nothing is too minor for him to deal with and nothing is too complicated for him to solve.

He has dealt with incidents at close quarters or at a distance – if I am at the other end of the country. He talks me through what I need to do but if I am unable to do it he will access my laptop (with my agreement) and fix it.  He understands my lack of IT knowledge and patiently explains what I need to know.  My laptop has had extended life due to his ‘spring cleaning’ efforts.  Instead of being dead, slow, stop, it functions as it is supposed to.

Recently I bought a new smartphone and tablet. Steven not only set them up and installed the apps I wanted he also made them ‘talk’ to each other so that I only have to input info in one of them and it is available in both.  I have unlimited access to the phone company by contract but prefer to call on Steven for help and he never lets me down.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.

M Simpson