Giving it Away

One of the things we believe in at Kinnell Kreations is helping others.  More than that is helping others to help themselves.

As part of that ethos there are a couple of projects that go beyond just giving and provide more for the people they serve.

The first is close to home for us, Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating and currently incurable condition which has many forms and far reaching impact.  Margaret was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS over 30 years ago and since then we have lived and watched as a healthy fit and active mother, wife and sister has had to adjust and cope with the condition which now leaves her wheelchair bound and relies on her husband for care 24/7 for every aspect of life.

In the early years the MS Society ran and funded priceless respite care at Leuchie House in North Berwick, recently they took the decision to withdraw funding and the centre faced closure. Thankfully local and national support came to their rescue and they formed their own charity and continue to provide a high level of respite care for both sufferer and carers alike, mostly MS but also; Motor Neurone, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, the effects of a stroke, spinal injury, or any long term physical condition.  Funding is always a concern for independent charities and so at Kinnell Kreations we are committing to give Leuchie House 5% of our Gross Profits to enable them to provide care and respite to people like my Margaret and her husband.

The second area is a bit further a field but no less deserving, Africa as we all know has a huge population of people and even higher Aids crisis. Part of this affects the children who are orphaned because they contract HIV and being deemed not worthy are cast out.  Cherish Uganda is a village on the shores of Lake Victoria that is providing, not just a home for some of these children, not just medication to help them survive and grow, not just much valued schooling and education; more than all of that they give them hope. Hope for a future worth living for, hope to the local community by providing jobs and food and love and resources, hope for survival that they can have a life and save not only themselves but their community and one day their Nation.

Cherish houses many children on site giving them, love and medication. To the community surrounding they run a school, farming produces fruit and resources they can eat and sell, the village provides them with work to be able to feed their own families. Above all Akaloosa as it is called provides hope that there is a future worth living for when all seemed lost.  So likewise we are committing to give Cherish Uganda 5% of our gross profits to continue providing hope to those who felt that there was no hope.

You can read more about the projects we support by following the embedded links to their respective websites for more information.

Thanks for partnering with us.

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