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Acquire 4.

High performance feature-rich CMS.


  • Centrally manage 1 - 1000s of remotely installed systems
  • Fully compatible with other CMS packages and other third party software
  • Personalise your CMS with over 80 apps enabling you to build powerful systems
  • Visual design tools for layout, flow and scheduling
  • 3 types of content delivery plus optional use of our secure network
  • Built in security which can be upgraded at any time
  • Most powerful award-winning solution
  • Optional site licence available for multi user editing
  • Reporting for proof of play-out

More than just a media player, Acquire is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) enabling you to create advanced solutions such as menu boards, Wayfinders and payment kiosks that are dynamic, multi-touch, interactive and immersive.

Acquire is the most comprehensive solution on the market and provides end-users with the unique ability to add extra features and functions by adding Apps to the editor.



Web-based solution


  • Accessible from any web-enabled device
  • Easy-to-use interface requires little or no training
  • Set individual user rights defining what can be edited
  • Playback of all media file types
  • Full HD playback
  • Remote monitoring and reporting built in
  • Drag and drop playlist management
  • Fully scalable to adapt to your growing needs
  • Combine with our other CMS solutions to create unique hybrid systems

Acquire2Go is our SaaS (Software as a Service), also known as a cloud or web-based solution. Due to an increased demand for flexibility and control, Acquire2Go allows you to create, edit and upload content on the go!


Acquire Lite

Stand alone CMS solution


  • No need to buy or install separate components
  • Unrivalled high resolution playback of dynamically rich content
  • No on-going hosting costs
  • Simple and easy to use requiring little or no training
  • Affordable solution for smaller networks
  • Fully compatible with other CMS solutions to create a hybrid system
  • Web-browser Content Management System
  • Define multiple user levels
  • Fully scalable to adapt to your changing needs.

Acquire Lite is a compact, all-in-one solution for the management of dynamic content across smaller networks. Ideal for digital signage and interactive kiosks, Acquire Lite has been designed with simplicity in mind providing a simple solution to managing content playback across one or two screens. It contains integral parts so there is no need to buy or install separate components.